New iPad : 10 things to do first

Apple’s new iPad, or iPad 3rd generation finally arrived on Friday, March 16, 2012. The new iPad features a sharp retina display, 4G LTE capability, voice dictation, more advanced camera pixels and games.

Thousand fans around the world waiting in long line outside Apple’s store to get their hands on the new iPad which went on sale at 8am or 9am. They were willing to camp outside the store just to become earlier buyer of the iPad.

After unboxing a brand new iPad/ iPad 3, test all new features with the list of the best things to do with it first. So, what to do? Watch this video from T3 after the jump.

Summary of videos:
1. See the display with iBooks
2. Use dictation
3. Take a picture using the new iSight
4. Try power heavy new game
5. Shoot a video at 1080p
6. Try out iPhoto
7. Try out the extras in iOS 5.1
8. Stream to the new Apple TV
9. Try out browser
10. Find out yourself. :-P

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  1. brenda hicks says:

    when it ask for a user name and password it says that it is incorrect. when creating a new user name or email address through apple it’s not letting me do this. I’m already getting mad with it. when you create an apple email do i put
    As you can tell i’m very new at this. someone please help me.

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