Laptop Inspiron 14R (N4110)-worth to buy it

Last Saturday, I went to Lowyat to find new laptop. First, before I buy a computer, I set my budget. My budget this time was around RM2000 plus minus. Second, I aimed what technical specs I want. Normally, I was assume that I going to use this laptop around next 2 or 3 years without need any upgrade. So, I searched in internet any laptop specs and made comparison.

Third is brand. What brand that users normally use? How to choose a brand? The answer is customer service, spare part and how many people use it. I reject Mac laptop because it over my budget already. Other than that, I want laptop without OS. This method also can save your budget around RM150.

Other consideration is method of payment. I want to use 0% interest easy payment with instalment 12 month. So, all combination of the criteria made me decide to buy Dell laptop. In the evening, I went to Lowyat and straight to Dell store.

It is normal situation when you get there, you will find a better offer. When I arrived at the shop, there are two laptops that caught my attention. Inspiron 14(N4050) and 14R(N4110). Both offered almost same specs, but how I choose the laptop that meets my expectation?

So, finally I chose Inspiron 14R or N4110 even it was over my budget. Why I chose this type? Well, I have my own opinion. This type offered bigger hardisk which 750GB with more speed 7200rpm than N4050 which offer 600GB with speed 5400rpm. 7200rpm hardisk give better performance for playing games and graphics application. It also have 2 USB 3.0, one eSATA USB (which give more power if you plug external hardisk that need more power to work). Keyboard casing was made by metal instead of plastic give more confident to put our hand on it. It also user friendly with customer services.

Inspiron N4110 have smart function where it can switches graphic high performance (which is AMD Radeon 1GB)when playing games or any application that required graphics and automatically switches integrated graphic card when using normal application such as Word, Excel. This functionality save battery and consume less power. Moreover, this laptop provide additional button to switch off the screen, laptop settings and open pages Dell Support Centre.

I have to pay more than RM350 over the budget. But they offered several gift such as bagpack, set of laptop accessories and pendrive 4GB (maybe due to festival Chinese Lunar New Year). It was a worth purchase! So, no need to wait until PC Fair (coming soon on April).

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