iPad HD will be announced, not iPad 3

Rumors: A reliable source told that Apple next-generation will be named as iPad HD instead of iPad 3. Gizmodo reported on iPad name last week, citing accessory listings from Belkin and Griffin. Why Apple named as iPad HD?

“Apple’s next iPad is expected to launch a ridiculously high-resolution display running at 2,048 by 1,536 pixels. By comparison, current iPads feature a much lower resolution 1,024 by 768 display. The higher-resolution display will not only make text and pictures sharper, it’ll also make the iPad HD the only tablet to support 1080p high-definition at its full resolution (1,920 by 1,080)”, according to venturebeat.

Current Android tablet has 720p HD displays(1,280 by 720). Maybe after Apple announces iPad HD, Android tablet will follow the step. Normally, Apple’s products will be become benchmark because there are a lot of Apple fan out there will support Apple and a lot people don’t want to use Apple because of lack of freedom.

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