How to remove Google browsing history

Actually, I’m not said how to remove browsing history in IE or Mozilla. It is about Google browsing history. Google is watching what you are browsing, believe it or not. Effective March 1st, Google will commence its new Privacy Policy which allow them to do more in terms of gathering and storing search queries, history, logs and personal information and will be shared among all of the Google products you use.

This new policy has been criticised by privacy campaigners who have filed a complaint to US regulators. So, before the new policy take effect on March 1st, make sure your browsing history are clean and clear including the embrassing one. So, how to remove this browsing history? Here we go.

1. Make sure login to Google account such as Google+ or Gmail. Under your profile name, click on “Account Settings”.

2. In Services section, find View, enable or disable web history. Click on Go to web history.

3. I was suprise that I was tracked by Google after looking at this page. So, in this page, click checkbox and Remove all Web History.

4. Up of the list, click Pause button to prevent Google capture your browsing history.

So, when you are using Google search, just make sure you are not login to Google account or the Web History is paused. According to DailyMail, if you not sign in, they will track you using IP address.The only way to clear your personal history is by signing in.

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