How To Hide What You Read Outside Of Facebook

One day, my brother asked me how to hide what we read like this picture below? That time, I have no idea. I just simply answer, don’t subscribe the apps.

Maybe you as a user not realize that your friends are know what you are reading because the social apps is attached in blogs and newspapers. Here’s a guide to ensuring your reading habits stay private.

1. Make sure you adds the app of blog/ newspaper to your Facebook. Here I give example popular blog app

2. Set your ‘Who can see posts this app..’ to Only Me. Click Go to app.

3. You also can set in Account Settings->Apps. You will see this option. Set it here.

To protect your reading privacy, you need to change the settings for every newspaper and website which shares what you’ve read with your friends. In fact, do it for every newspaper and website application, regardless of what they share right now. You never know what you’ve pre-approved them to do later. Get them all updated now, then make it a habit to add these applications with privacy set to “Only Me” in the future. Then you’re set!



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