How to download video from Tonton website

Last time, we watch video TV3, TV9 and all media prima from their respective website. We can easily download video from their website. Now they combine all the TV channel into one site call Tonton. However,  we unable to cache their video using any download manger. The tool is able to browse and download video clips from video hosting websites of HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE protocol, and these cover overwhelming majority of websites such as Hulu, Veoh, Boxee, Joost, YouTube, Yahoo Video, CBS. We can use stream transport to stream the video from Tonton. Use this link to download the software. Here step by step to download.

Step 1: Type link website. Then login into the website.

Step 2: Click any interested video.

Step 3: The link of video will automatically show after you click the video.

Step 4: Select link video then click Download button.

Step 5: This windows will pop up once you click Download.

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  1. -JuvItArs- says:

    knape sy ada mslh nk dload vdeo d TONTON ya ari ni? adakah TONTON tlh mngkatkn security level dia ataummg ada mslah buat msa skrg? stream transport tk dpt nk grab lgsg link utk dload vdeo rmtp tu.. plz..tlg2?? tq~~

    • Jeff Backer says:

      hmmm..thats weird.just last week i downloaded the video. Today I’m also cannot download. Not sure what is the problem.Will figure out.

      • Jeff Backer says:

        Hmm, probably they hide the video link while the video is streaming so stream transport or any software use the same method cannot find any video link except advertisement. Very clever.

  2. syafiq says:

    no wonder i failed to download videos from Tonton anymore.. any other software that we can use to download the vids there Mr Jeff Backer? Thanx

  3. -JuvItArs- says:

    ya2…thnk so..
    hopeflly u’ll find da solution asap..
    really2 need to dload some vdeos.. those are my fav mvies n prgrmmes.. sigh~~

  4. Steven says:

    I am having same problem downloading from Tonton too. Last week still OK. Suspect problem is with Stream Transport as I cannot get the title, URL, Video width, Video height …… as in Step 4 above.
    Same problem if I try to download from Youtube too. Title, URL, Video width, Video height …… as in Step 4 above will not appear. I also got a message at the top saying that I am using Internet Explorer 7 which will not be supported by Youtube soon. Do not get this message if I go to Youtube from Internet Explorer browser.

  5. -JuvItArs- says:

    so sad~~ but i found mny vdeos on tonton whom shared by others in their blogs.. mostly the format are mp4 rather than flv… i hope u can figure it out.. bcoz im totaly out of idea! sigh~~

    • Jeff Backer says:

      hey,that’s can watch mp4 video in smartphone or tablet. And also as long as you can watch the video.maybe you can convert all flv video to mp4 to make them far, i can’t find any solution for this problem.

  6. -JuvItArs- says:

    i dont hve tablet meyh.. how come i watch n dload it.. :( im still srchg how to get the mp4 link from tonton..then cnvrt to flv by myself.. but da prob is.. it cant dtct any link to dload using stream transport..haiya~~ ;(

    hpflly if u fnd the way to solve it.. dont frget to post here ya~~ ;)

  7. Matkota says:

    Currently tonton has disable its website to see the rstp can download in use mobile version of tonton..that is on prompt view or save..choose save..but this mobile version does not have all the tonton’s video such as boboiboy season 2 can anyone can resolve this issues is highly appreciated..

  8. Ahmad Zulmi Azhar says:

    Oh My God.. That is why i fugure it out with nothing, All this happen because Media Prima already upgraded their security, so sad to face it :-( , i want to download Buletin Utama that shows my Brother news, hopefully that have some super hacker person to create new software for that. I’m just Software and Hardware for Computer Maintenance Person :-)

  9. nabilz says:

    why…i can’t download video at….. im use stream transport but i don’t see link for download video…only i found link ad only

  10. momoktomok says:

    huhu. so sad that we can’t use Stream Transport anymore for Tonton. =(

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