How to delete or remove clipboard data/ contents

Sometimes, when we copy so much contents, this activity will affect the computer performance.  So, where is the copy data went to? In Windows XP, the system will save the contents that you copy in the some sort of memory called Clipboard. In Windows XP, it also called as Clipbook.  By opening this Clipboard, we can delete the contents to free our system memory resources. Here few steps to do so.

Windows XP

1. Goto Start > Run. This will open Run box on your computer.

2. Type Clipbrd in the Run box and click OK button.

3. Clipbook viewer will pop up showing current copied data on the Clipboard.

4. Click on X to delete and erase currently copied data on the clipboard.

5. Click Yes on confirmations pop-up box to delete clipboard data.

 Windows 7 Clipboard

The clipboard cannot be viewed in Windows 7. So, what you have to do is copy of clipbrd.exe from an XP computer. You can find it in C:\WINDOWS\system32. Copy it into the same folder in Windows 7 and to run it, Windows+R (Run windows), type clipbrd and press Enter. Or you can install 3rd party clipboard software.

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