How to buy a laptop

Laptops now become popular than PCs and continue to be the computing device of choice. It is not only offer portability, but also same specs and price as PCs. Last time, laptop specs is slightly behind the PCs such as processor, RAM and hardisk.

The main factor laptops became popular now is due to the price, cheaper with good specs and popularity of Wi-Fi and 3G. It starts with Intel Centrino, wireless chip embedded in the processor. Now there’s a wide variety of sizes, features and prices, which makes choosing the right laptops a challenge.

Set your budget
It is important to know how much your budget before start looking for a laptop. Here I categorize 3 set of budget, below RM2000, below RM 3000 and above RM 3000. Normally, range below RM2000 is just so-so laptop, suitable for basic system and programs.

Laptop range price between RM2000 and RM 3000 is middle range laptop. You can get laptop to play games in this range. Laptop above RM3000 is advances laptop and business laptop. You can buy gamer laptop, business laptop with hard casing and fingerprint and laptop with Windows OS Professional. Laptop Macbook also start above RM3000.

What OS you prefer
There are three OS you can consider, Windows, Mac OS or Linux. However, when you find new laptop, normally it will come with pre-install Windows, hard to find pre-install Linux OS even though Linux is free. Last time I bought laptop, I looking for free OS first, but it not available. So, nak tak nak I have to buy Windows laptop.

Windows 7 quite slow after you install many programs inside especially when startup. Linux Ubuntu is the most popular, so you can start using Linux with Ubuntu because the functionality and user friendly as Windows. Also, Linux virtually no virus threat.

Specification need
You just need general idea about laptop technical specs because this knowledge can avoid you from wrong information given by salesman. Even you know too details about technical specs, when come to laptop, nothing much you do because laptop come with package. Technical details important when you want to compare the price between two laptops.

So, what specs for laptop that you need to know. Well, here features of laptop

For more details find out this post. If you want laptop to play games, find this logo sticker (as below) on corner laptop casing.

Battery Life
Maybe nobody not so much concern about battery life but I just put it in. If you are person who working long hours outside the office where you hard to find plug port, you should consider long life battery laptop. However, you have alternative such as buy extra battery. So, please consider laptop that can replace battery easily.

Brand choice
A lot of brand outside there. For Windows laptop, you can have Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo and so on. If you ask me which brand is good and quality, it hard to answer because every brand have potential to damage. So, what the important is customer support and warranty. If you buy a brand that hard to find customer support or customer support not give support to the customers, then don’t buy the brand anymore.

Easy tips for you to buy a laptop, buy at brands stores that sell only that brand. You can find good salesman whose specialist of that brand because they are trained. I have experience on that when I buy a laptop last time.

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  1. Xone says:

    Hi, im a student and im interested to buy a new laptop for a gaming also for working for around rm2000±, can you give me some more detailed information on how to buy these kind of laptop? i wanted to buy a new one around march 2013.

    the one im currently using now is Fujitsu LH530 laptop, quite so-so for working and really not suitable for gaming. Most of my work is basically using Microsoft Words and student kind of stuff.

    the kind of game i wanted to play with laptop is like Assasin Creed series, Skyrim, and the upcoming PSO2 english version tier (i don’t really mind if have to play it without the high specs and stuff), if you kind enough, please help me with buying a new laptop, i just don’t want to be made fooled/cheated by the seller.

    Please and Tq (im just really bad when dealing with laptops or PCs >_> sorry for intruding)

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