How Dirt 3 games in live action -its totally fast and furious

Zooming over an empty Oakland Bay Bridge, careering round corners of deserted residential streets, dodging between moving trams, flying over hills….

Professional rally driver Ken Block seemingly managed to close down the entire of San Francisco to make an incredible short film showing him tearing around the city in a seriously souped-up Ford Fiesta.

For his latest internet film, Block screeches round the ghost town pulling various stunts at terrifying speeds.

The famous driver is behind the wheel of a 2012 Ford Fiesta which boasts 650 horsepower taking the car from 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds.

In a scene that looks straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, Block drives between moving trams at one point.

Hurtling down endless, empty streets Block leaves tyre marks and billowing smoke in his wake. At points the car flies metres into the air as he accelerates over hills.

Six minutes into the video, Block is joined by his athlete friend Travis Pastrana, who appears on his dirt bike.

Block spins the car round Pastrana as he wheelies the bike.

The 10 minute film has become an immediate internet sensation, having been viewed almost 100,000 times since being uploaded onto Youtube today.

Many of the comments express disbelief at how the city was closed down for filming.

One user writes:’How the heck did they get permits for this?!? San Francisco is one hell of a lenient city…!’

Filmed over four days, the post beneath the video says the focus was ‘on fast, raw and precise driving action’ where the city is presented as Block’s personal playground.

44-year-old Block is part of the Monster World Rally team and is the co-founder of extreme sports fashion label DC Shoes. Now the video attract more than 3 millions views just in 2 day.


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