Google Plus come out new look and feel

Google Plus, the Google social network has come out with new look and feel. If you have logged into Google+ today, you may suprise with new interface. A major user interface overhaul with a brand new look and feel that easy to use compared to previous.

What is news

  • Hangouts directory
  • A new and beautiful user flyover card
  • Google+ pages and games are organized under More section of the navigation bar
  • A new section called Explore has been added to find trending topics, what’s hot on Google+
  • Google+ char on extreme right column of your G+ interface

β€œIt accelerates our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google,” Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra argued in a blog post announcing the redesign.

Even though Google+ not so popular like Facebook, it still can manage to get 100 million active users according to Google’s CEO, Larry Page. But in February, the Wall Street Journal called Google+ a “virtual ghost town”, citing comScore data showed new users are signing up but doing little else.

This new look and feel maybe to persuade user to continue using Google+ and generally users response are good. However it has caused some discomfort among developers especially from those who wrote chrome extensions to add additional functionalities to G+. Overall, I can say Google+ new look and feel is user friendly and looks similar to an operating system.

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