Facebook introduces Interest Lists and how to use it

Maybe not many people realise that Facebook introduced interest lists feature. Just yesterday. It’s suppose to use for like pages and subscriptions that user have. Previously, we use grouping friends feature to group all fan pages. That’s what I did currently.

Now, this feature will help us to personalize all fan pages. We can categorize our fan pages and subscriptions more specific such as technews, localnews, business, tvpages and so on.

In the incoming weeks, we will see the add interests link in our left-hand bookmarks according to trusted resource. Did you see interests feature on your Facebook left-sidebar? Maybe it’s hide,maybe under link More. It will help your fan pages and subscriptions more visible in the news feed.

Here step by step how to create Interests List:

1. Click link More on Interests.

2. Click any fan pages or subscriptions or friends you want to group. Then click Next.

3. Put name on List Name. Make it public or friends or only you can see the list. Click Done.

Now we have new group of fan pages. Create group Interests list according their business nature. We also can add Interests list to Favourite.

Example result

Source images: allfacebook

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