Everything you need to know about Windows 8

Windows 8 has released Windows 8 Release Preview on early Jun 2012. Microsoft make dramatically change on its Windows OS to keep its flagship operating system relevant in a world which is increasely dominated by tablets, phones, touchscreen devices and connected cloud services.

For users, this change can be great. But we have to re-learning how to do things you’ve done for years. Windows 7 just eclipse the Windows XP as a new power of operating system in world by dominating 50 percent share market. So, what new in Windows 8? Here I share you several things about Windows 8.

Super-fast boot
The problem with every Windows OS was the boot time, but Windows 8 was solve this problem. Windows 8 boot superbly fast less than 10 second.

Hardware Requirements
You need minimum 1Ghz processor, minimum native resolution/colour depth at 1366x768px, 1GB RAM and 16GB HDD free-space.

New version Internet Explorer 10
A web browser inmtero-style which is faster than IE9. A webpage is displayed on the entire screen. It has much better standards compliance than its predecessor did, HTML5 support and superior speed.

Windows 8 is a multi-tasker like others. But the different is you can have two apps displayed simultaneously in a single window. You can have a major part for Internet Explorer and the rest of the screen for music or the media player.

Fresh interface called Metro interface
The most identical interface in Windows 8 is its new Metro interface, a bright coloured tiles that serve both as shortcuts to programs and as live widgets reporting data from the programs. It is useful for a touch screen device.

You can restore your PC to ‘like new’ condition in a matter of minutes, without having to reinstall from scratch. So, not need to format PC as usual. It same function as restore to factory setting in smartphone or PSP.

You can sync your content in your own PC with another your own PC such as Metro apps, settings, desktop preferences, taskbar setup, browser bookmarks and many more. Just sign in your account to another PC, it will sync up over the net.

Mounting ISOs
Starting with Windows 8, users will be able to mount ISOs on virtual drives. No need to install third party software.

Here video of Windows 8 Release Preview


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