Dresses inspired by popular internet brand

Do you remember last time I posted social media outfits? Using similar concept, Italian digital artist Victor Faretina has been inspired by popular websites in his latest series of works entitled Web in Vogue. Faretina has successfully broken down each website and domain’s function in order to reassemble its elements and the principles of its design in a way that translates the websites into fashion.

The use of popular logos, icons and colours makes it easy to identify each gown, but just for fun we’ve included the titles. All the dresses were designed using Adobe Photoshop CS3 software on his MAC OS X system. Faretina has intentions of bringing his imagined dresses into fruition, but for now, they will only appear on the very browsers that inspired them – a shame, but at least there’s something to look forward to! Similar issue-why this guy design the outfits for women only? Bad news for men again.Arghh..Why not we design baju Raya using this idea?Ahha!Good idea!

Find out more pictures in here.


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