Chinese Gamer Dies After Playing Diablo 3 For 40 Hours Straight

An 18-year-old gamer in Taiwan has died after reportedly playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours straight. The boy, Chuang, was resting on a table in an Internet Cafe when an attendant came to wake him up. According to reports, Chuang stood up, took a few steps around, and then collapsed, having to be taken to a hospital. It was shortly after he arrived there that he was pronounced dead.

Back in February, a 23-year-old Chinese gamer named Chen Rong-yu died in an Internet Cafe after playing Riot Games’ League of Legends for 23 hours straight. It was determined that his death was caused by cardiac arrest, but so far the word is still out on Chuang’s official cause of death.”Can you stop playing games and go to pray?”said my mom when I was child.

Games addiction
Online computer games are some of the most popular and largest growth areas in interactive entertainment.

Players can easily get immersed and feel compelled to play for hours at a stretch, particuarly in massively multiplayer online role playing games – MMORPGs – in which thousands of gamers play and interact in shared fantasy or science fiction worlds.

Reports of gamers spending 10 to 15 hours a day in front of video games, such as the highly popular World of Warcraft, are becoming more frequent. Experts say gamers should take regular screen breaks.

According to Psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths, many people liked to play MMORPGs for long periods of time because of the social aspect of the games.

He advised anyone worried about gaming addictions should contact their local GP and get referred to a psychologist.


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