How to delete saved form data in your browser

Did you face the situation where your form data is saved by browser? Can we remove the saved form data especially after we done browsing on shared computer such as in cybercafe or friend’s computer?

Example of saved form data

Example of saved form data

What if the saved form data is your credit card number and username id? Now you scared right? Haha.OK. Here I show you how to remove the saved form data in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

So far, this method can use both browsers. Here few steps what you need to do:

  1. Navigate browser to the form containing the field that has a saved value that you want to delete.
  1. Click on the text field to that your cursor is in the text field with the value you want to delete.Press the down arrow on your keyboard until the value is highlighted.
  2. Press Shift+Delete together and the value will be removed from the saved form history.

You safe now. Then, if you’re owner of the computer, of course you don’t want somebody stole your credit card number in saved form especially when you and your friends shared the computer. So, what you have to do is setting back your Firefox or Internet Explorer so that your form data will not saved anymore.

Internet Explorer
1.Tools->Internet Options->Content->AutoComplete
2.Click Settings. In this part, uncheck the checkbox ‘Forms’.

Internet Explorer settings to remove saved form data

Internet Explorer settings to remove saved form data

2.In History section, select dropdown list after ‘Firefox will’. The value we select is ‘Use custom settings for history’.
3.Uncheck the ‘Remember search and form’

You are recommended to use private browsing when you are browsing in cybercafe or using friend’s computer. Every browser got this features. The browser will not track you.

How to download video from Tonton website

Last time, we watch video TV3, TV9 and all media prima from their respective website. We can easily download video from their website. Now they combine all the TV channel into one site call Tonton. However,  we unable to cache their video using any download manger. The tool is able to browse and download video clips from video hosting websites of HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE protocol, and these cover overwhelming majority of websites such as Hulu, Veoh, Boxee, Joost, YouTube, Yahoo Video, CBS. We can use stream transport to stream the video from Tonton. Use this link to download the software. Here step by step to download.

Step 1: Type link website. Then login into the website.

Step 2: Click any interested video.

Step 3: The link of video will automatically show after you click the video.

Step 4: Select link video then click Download button.

Step 5: This windows will pop up once you click Download.

Bagaimana nak cipta signature email Gmail

Anda tahu apa itu signature email? Contohnya bila anda mula compose emel,terus ada benda macam bawah ni.


Jeff Backer

Inilah dinamakan signature. Kalau kat emel pejabat biasanya ada standard yang diberikan. Warna,logo,font dan perkara yang perlu diletakkan pada signature tu.Kalau surat biasa kan kita biasa tandatangan kat bawah tu. Cuma emel ni tak perlukan tandatangan. Kenapa perlu signature ni?Biasanya kalau kita hantar emel rasmi macam hantar ke LHDN ke,bank ke,PTPTN ke kenalah nampak formal sikit.

Cara nak tetapkan signature ni mudah sahaja. Login ke gmail dulu. Kemudian, pergi ke Cari bahagian signature  ni.

Kemudian, click

Bolehla kita cuba Compose email kita. Ni contoh hasilnya.

Workshop: Cara nak Disable Auto Tag Photo di Facebook

Anda tahu tak feature ni wujud bila? Ya, bagi mereka yang jarang kemaskini gambar Facebook tentu tak perasan. Saya pernah terbaca feature Facebook yang kontroversi ni. Kontroversi sebab Facebook telah mewujudkan satu feature yang mendatangkan masalah privacy oleh pengguna Facebook. Ramai jugak yang komplen kata itu dan ini. Tapi sebenarnya ada penyelesaiannya nak disable feature ni. Yang penting kita kena ada ilmu menggunakan satu aplikasi. Jadi,tak yah la nak bising-bising. Facebook mendakwa mereka telah menyediakan feature untuk disable auto tag photo ni. Cuma  mereka tak maklumkan kepada pengguna, sedar-sedar dah ada auto tag ni. [Read more...]