5 ways to get people read your posts

So, after several years blogging, what do you think about it? Are you learning something useful or you give-up already? I learned a lot of things from blogging. Blogging is all about hard work not only just to create passive income. Here I have 5 ways to get people read your posts.

Post good content frequently
The reason people will return to your site often and why they never come back again has to do with how frequently you post new content and whether or not what you write is useful, funny or just plain worth reading.

Use social media creatively
This is another way to get traffic from the social media such as Facebook. Sometime, when they response to your post at wall, immediately they realize your blog in your profile. Post something interesting at your wall that can attract your friends in your social media to comment or response to your message. Choose topic carefully and try avoid sensitive topic such as politics,religious hate or fan hate. In other way, create fan pages and share your post in the fan pages and blogger group pages.

Make your posts shareable
Just because you post new content, it doesn’t mean it’s shareable content. Shareable content is easy to share and share worthy. Shareable content has an eye-catching title that is relatively short, it’s easy to read, and it’s juicy. It’s can be infographics, or post that have fun high quality content and most importantly, it engages and inspires your readers and make them feel connected.

Create useful evergreen contents
The best way to create posts is post content can be relevant topic all the time, at least for quite sometime. I have several posts that quite sometimes
the people looking for it. Most personal-related posts difficult to reach especially using search engines.

Link building
On our blog, we can add relevant links in the few posts. There are few tricks to create link building. First, you can add plug-in ‘Related post’ in your blog. Second is you can add other posts in same topic using hyperlink. The best way to do this is by creating high-quality content,especially useful and can help other solve their problem. Other way is attach with other blogger and build your network with high profile bloggers. It is useful if the bloggers also share same niche with you so that you and the other bloggers can exchange relevant link post to put in their new post.


Steps To Make Money From Android Apps

When you plan to develop the apps for Android, you should have clear plan for it. Here I have infographic which show us 5 ways to make money from Android apps either using in-app ads,pay per download apps,freemium,notifications and paid apps.

Applying strategy during development while trying out different models and applying the best fitting model to your app will ensure a good profit off of your application. Start earning big today with the right model for your application. I believe this model also can be used in iOS apps.

How To Hide What You Read Outside Of Facebook

One day, my brother asked me how to hide what we read like this picture below? That time, I have no idea. I just simply answer, don’t subscribe the apps.

Maybe you as a user not realize that your friends are know what you are reading because the social apps is attached in blogs and newspapers. Here’s a guide to ensuring your reading habits stay private.

1. Make sure you adds the app of blog/ newspaper to your Facebook. Here I give example popular blog app -Melayukini.net

2. Set your ‘Who can see posts this app..’ to Only Me. Click Go to app.

3. You also can set in Account Settings->Apps. You will see this option. Set it here.

To protect your reading privacy, you need to change the settings for every newspaper and website which shares what you’ve read with your friends. In fact, do it for every newspaper and website application, regardless of what they share right now. You never know what you’ve pre-approved them to do later. Get them all updated now, then make it a habit to add these applications with privacy set to “Only Me” in the future. Then you’re set!



How to delete saved form data in your browser

Did you face the situation where your form data is saved by browser? Can we remove the saved form data especially after we done browsing on shared computer such as in cybercafe or friend’s computer?

Example of saved form data

Example of saved form data

What if the saved form data is your credit card number and username id? Now you scared right? Haha.OK. Here I show you how to remove the saved form data in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

So far, this method can use both browsers. Here few steps what you need to do:

  1. Navigate browser to the form containing the field that has a saved value that you want to delete.
  1. Click on the text field to that your cursor is in the text field with the value you want to delete.Press the down arrow on your keyboard until the value is highlighted.
  2. Press Shift+Delete together and the value will be removed from the saved form history.

You safe now. Then, if you’re owner of the computer, of course you don’t want somebody stole your credit card number in saved form especially when you and your friends shared the computer. So, what you have to do is setting back your Firefox or Internet Explorer so that your form data will not saved anymore.

Internet Explorer
1.Tools->Internet Options->Content->AutoComplete
2.Click Settings. In this part, uncheck the checkbox ‘Forms’.

Internet Explorer settings to remove saved form data

Internet Explorer settings to remove saved form data

2.In History section, select dropdown list after ‘Firefox will’. The value we select is ‘Use custom settings for history’.
3.Uncheck the ‘Remember search and form’

You are recommended to use private browsing when you are browsing in cybercafe or using friend’s computer. Every browser got this features. The browser will not track you.

Secrets To Writing Faster Blog Posts

Keep updating blog everyday is very important for your blog survival. But in this post, the infographic will tell us smart way to blog. This skill actually not so secret, but this ways will help to manage time for other things beside blogging.

1. Assign a time frame and deadline and stick to it.
Every work must have deadline. Set your deadline and how many topics per day.

2. Create a content calendar
Schedule your blog in flexible way. But your topic must be general, not time constraint like news. News topic doesn’t work for this style.

3. Keep a topic list
List you your topics that you want talk about. Mostly, news content doesn’t work in this case.

4. Remove ALL distraction
You must focus what you write. Stop writing while watching movie or television or other thing.

5. Start at the end
This means what your reader will get after read your blog? They will buy your product or walk away.

6. Write don’t edit
Just write your content without thinking about typos or errors. Once you done, then you start checking your content.

7. Keep the flow
When you are in middle of writing, you realize that you need to look up a fact, then you have stop it.Just continue writing.

8. You are story telling
If you are good in story telling, everyone enjoy your post. It is good if you write the post like story telling, fun and a few joke.

Secrets Writing Faster Blog Posts