Comic: New iPad too hot

Consumer report said new iPad is too hot compared to iPad 2. See what iPad feel when he heard the controversy.


Comic: Google Plus vs Facebook

Illegal vs Legal- which one your choice?

Why somebody like to download illegally instead of subscribing the channel just to watch few dramas? The comic below show the truth and reality. This situation always happen.

Comic: Join and quit Facebook from parent’s view

Parents nowaday worry a lot things. Especially when their daughters or sons growing up and start expose to social networking. But when their child quit the social, parents still worry too.  This comic from showed what the parent are thinking when their child joined or quit social network . This joke makes sense too if the word “sleeping and partying” change with “dating and outing”. LOL.

Abandoned technologies : Diskette and cassette

Diskette and cassette are two examples technology which are now become outdated.

Source: pbs