WhatsApp Messenger – Now available for Windows Phone 8

WhatsApp Messenger, the very popular smartphone messenger is now available for Windows Phone 8. WhatsApp is already available for Windows Phone 7, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Nokia phones, but the new version now supports Windows Phone 8.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. It uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family.

Using WhatsApp Messenger, you can switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. The first year is FREE! The charges after the first year are $0.99/year only.


Google+ adds members, photo-sharing app

Google said Thursday its online social network had grown to 135 million active users, as it added a photo-sharing app to compete against services like Facebook’s Instagram.

“Today Google+ is the fastest-growing network thingy ever,” said Google senior vice president Vic Gundotra in a blog post.

He added that “135 million (users) are active in just the stream,” and that more than 500 million have upgraded their Google accounts to potentially participate in the social network, which aims to rival Facebook.

“This enthusiasm, we think, stems from our building tools that build real relationships — in a live hangout, around a breathtaking photo, or with an inner circle of friends,” Gundotra said.

“So today we’re launching two new improvements that help bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software.”

Google said it has now introduced the mobile photo-sharing service Snapseed, made by Nik Software, to the social network. Google acquired German-based Nik in September.

The Snapseed app was last year’s iPad app of the year, and Gundotra said Google was excited to make the app available on its Android system as well.

The service, which is similar to Instagram — bought by Facebook for a hefty price this year — allows users to crop and enhance pictures before posting to social networks.

Snapseed had been available for $4.99 for Apple devices, but is now free on that platform as well as on Android devices, in a challenge to Instagram.

Gundotra said Google+ also will be adding a new feature called “Communities,” which makes the Google+ “hangouts” into permanent locations.

“Google+ has always been a place to crowd around common interests and meet new people.

What’s been missing, however, are more permanent homes for all the stuff you love: the wonderful, the weird, and yes, even the things that are waaay out there. With Google+ Communities there’s now a gathering place for your passions.”

Apple iPad Mini available for order in Malaysia

Surprise! Since the tablet launched in early November, finally you can have iPad mini before end of the this year. Please take a look on Apple online Store. The price of iPad mini start from RM999 for 16GB WiFi only version and has an estimated shipping time of 2 weeks. At the same time, 4th gen iPad also available for order and the price remain same, start from RM1,499 with short shipping time, just take 1-3 working days.

The iPad mini was met with consumer demand, Apple announced that it sold more than 3 million iPad and iPad mini tablets combined during their weened of availability. iPhone 5 expected to arrive in Malaysia Dec 14 next week. So, get ready a sleeping bag so that you can camping outside the Apple store a day before Dec 14.

Don’t know which one to buy, Nexus 7 or iPad mini? Take a look this info.

Microsoft social network,Socl now open to public

Microsoft is opening their social network,Socl to the public, the mysterious social network project from its FUSE research group. The site now in private beta and available for everyone. Last time, the Socl used to share a lot of design elements with Facebook, but now the looks feel more to Pinterest with search component and new way to post multiple photos, links and other information all at once.

First, all you need is a Facebook or Microsoft live account to sign in. Once signed in you are met with featured posts. On the left hand side below the site logo you can instead select to show content from “all” or “following.” At the very top of the page, there are several different options. “Posts” is pretty self explanatory. “Interests” allow you to find specific content and “People” helps you find others to follow. “Me” takes you to your profile and “Parties” allow you to watch videos with others in real-time.

The Socl pulls in content from Bing search. You don’t need to upload images or grabbing a link from Youtube, but you can search and add to your post. Interacting using Socl is very straightforward. You can comment, tag, share, get a direct link to a post and even translate. There are also options to report a post as inappropriate or hide a user.

SMS or text messaging celebrate 20th birthday

We’re all thumbs today, as text messaging turns 20. Thumbs up, as texting has become a great way to reach people without calling; thumbs down to those who text message and drive.

An engineer sent the first text message on Dec. 3, 1992 from a computer using a standard called SMS (Short Message Service) to a mobile device using Vodafone’s network in the U.K. The message: “Merry Christmas.”

The first commercial texting services started in 1993, but didn’t become popular until 1994, writes writes John White of Portio Research, based in the U.K. After that, text messaging’s growth was exponential. By 1999 — a zillion years ago in mobile and Internet time — 100 billion text messages were sent worldwide. By 2005, 1 trillion text messages were sent.

In 2012, worldwide SMS traffic “passed 8.5 trillion messages in one year,” he writes.