8 Cool Origami Made With Dollar Bills

Honolulu, Hawaii based artist Won Park creates these incredible origami pieces using just a dollar bill. Usual origami sheets are square, but the dollar bills of course are rectangular and may not generally be considered as suitable for origami. Park worked around that, and infact used it to his advantage in creating these wonderful pieces without the use of glue, cuts or tape.


Gangnam Style reachs 1 Billion YouTube Views

Gangnam Style video clip become first video to hit 1 billion Youtube views. Even though it already the most popular video in Youtube history, yesterday this video got 1 billion views just over five months, eclipsed Justin Bieberr “Baby” and Jennifer Lopez’s “On the Floor”.

“Gangnam Style” has also received Guinness World Records title as the most liked video in Youtube history with over two million digital thumbs up. You also can see a lot of video parody of “Gangnam Style” which drive the popularity of this video too.

The video made its YouTube debut on July 15 and surpassed Bieber’s “Baby” video in Nov. 24– which had a nice run at the top of YouTube’s charts since its debut in February 2010.

Mashable get new fresh and clean website design

Mashable, the social media news website has redesign their page in order to deliver better experience on every device such as phones, tablets, desktops and so on.

Their aim for new design is to reflect their audience’s needs; mobile, social and visual.

There are three section; The New Stuff, The Next Big Thing and What’s Hot. A lot of philosophy behind the design. Find out more here.

How to create starwars origami figure by Martin Hunt

It has been so long i’m not create post for cool information. The Verge showed me a origami website which has a lot of collectible Star Wars figures blueprint.

Martin Hunt, the website owner, was studying math and working as software engineer has design origami Star Wars vessel. Start with X-wing starship origami, he moved on to other ships and droids. He has 20 collection in his website. He is now seeking a publisher for a book. The design looks like complicated. Hmmm..

ASUS launched Padfone 2- new quad-core hybrid phone+tablet dockable with LTE

This past few weeks,I’ve been working hard to create cool content for you to enjoy. Today Asus announced their new product, Padfone 2, Android smartphone and tablet hybrid device. The phone can slot in to a tablet dock to deliver a full-blown tablet experience.

Asus will launch the Padfone 2 in Europe and Asia in December, the device will be launch in Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, Asus have also said they will announce further countries at a later date.

In its release, ASUS emphasizes the PadFone combo’s battery first and foremost among its otherwise amped up specs. The PadFone 2 carries a 2140mAh pack, while the tablet component offers an impressive 5,000mAh that should keep things running for quite a while, though its capacity is a tiny bit smaller than the original PadFone’s whopping 6,600mAh, probably because the tablet’s body has been slimmed significantly to 649g.

Here’s I summarized the PadFone 2′s other specs:

  •  Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor at 1.5GHz
  •  2GB RAM
  •  4.7″ HD Super IPS+ display at 1280×720 (that’s 312 ppi) for the phone
  •  10.1″ IPS display at 1280×800 for the tablet station
  •  13 MP “high-performance” camera capable of 6 shots per second
  • Free 50GB ASUS WebStorage space for two years
  • Android 4.0.4 (which ASUS explains will be “upgradeable to Jelly Bean shortly”)

Overall, the PadFone 2 looks like a decently-spec’ed phone, and the tablet station could prove to be handy for those that want just one device experience.