Apple fans are willing to be stupid to line up and camp out just to get the iPad

UK (credit Getty Images)

Just want to share the stupid Apple’s fans pictures who battled plummeting temperatures and hours of waiting in line outside Apple’s flagship store around the world (across the United States and the nine other countries)  just to get the new iPad. They were willing to camp outside the store just to become earlier buyer of the iPad. It is not limited edition. You can have it all the time. Actually we don’t have to line up, you can buy it online. But ‘The Apple lines have become a cultural phenomenon,’ social psychologist Matt Wallaert said. ‘You couldn’t advertise your way into the images of adoring fans that led to Beatlemania. Apple has achieved exactly that.’, according to source DailyMail.

Sydney (credit Getty Images)

Germany (credit AP)

Singapore (credit AP)

New York

Tokyo (credit Reuters)

(credit AP)

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  1. AC says:

    agreed bro … so extreme

  2. Wabbit says:

    aiyo, don’t say they stupid la. Some korean fans from Indonesia also que 3 days in Singapore never eat/drink/pee and faint

  3. redlomo says:

    that we called gajet mania…

  4. Agus says:

    nih ada tulisan menarik juga tentang apple, cekidot masbro

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