An iPhone With The 1986 Mac OS

If the theme of iOS can be changed to classic Mac OS, it would be cool. The designer, Anton Repponen created iOS 86, a conceptual mashup of iOS and Mac OS of yore.
Old styles and classic design on iPhone still looks cool in the current time and technology.“To be honest I don’t really know [why it looks so good],” Repponen tells Co.Design. “Maybe it is because it just looks so clean and simple.”

He redesigned a real screenshot of Photoshop to look retro. This theme only works on jailbroken iPhone and Repponen urge to fan to see his work as “a collector item that’s just cool to look at” and not something we should attempt to use in our daily lives.

“It’s like car companies making new cars that look retro, just for collectors or exhibitions only, but not really for driving. I think what Apple has now is much better, and they spent a lot of time perfecting each element.”


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