Amazing demo Google’s Project Glasses

If you watched Dragon Ball Z cartoon, you might see Bezita wearing a glass with their head up display when he coming to the Earth to find Goku. Now the glass is one step closer to reality. Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted by twitter machine gun Robert Scoble at a dinner wearing a prototype of the Project Glass glasses. The glasses are Google’s foray into the world of heads-up displays and augmented reality.

It called Google Goggles, the glass not yet on sale but a promotional video released by Google and prompted claims they could revolutionise the way we live. In the video shows the Google Maps being added to the glass application, providing real-time directions from our current location.

Credit dailymail

The technology is known as wearable computing and is expected to launch a new generation of gadgets after mobile computing which currently dominate this decade. The glass display bring few kind of information such as the search engine, email, GPS tracking, a phone and camera.

Google has been working on Project Glass for two years and is currently experimenting with different designs for the glasses. Google has been testing the glasses, but this would be the first time they have been spotted out in the wild.

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